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Unified Communications;

The need for time in today's world has been one of the important factors in the rapid development of communication technologies. Written, audio and visual communication opportunities have increased with the developing technology, but these communication techniques have revealed a structure that is difficult to manage independently from each other. It is aimed to integrate visual communication systems, increase their efficia recommended architecture.ency and facilitate their use. In this context, the products and services offered are as follows.

The solutions and services we provide in the field of Enterprise Network Security;

  • IP Phone Projects
  • Integrated Messaging Systems
  • Call Center Systems
  • Fax Server Systems

IP Phone Projects

Today, with the widespread use of the internet, a new question has become the agenda, what is an ip phone? Although the answer to the question of what is an ip phone seems complicated, it is quite simple. The term ip phone means a phone that provides voice communication via the internet or intranet. definition, what is an ip phone and the answer to the question of what is an ip phone is to explain in a simple way. The ip phone takes analog audio signals and converts them to digital audio signals and transfers these audio signals with the internet protocol. It is possible for us to make low-budget or free calls, including international calls. We can convert phones into VoIP phones with suitable adapters. During the conventional, analog or digital connections used by the users, we can enable other users to use an IP device, providing the transition from voice to data networks, and enabling them to communicate through special gateways.

The most important point to be mentioned in the answer to the question of what is an ip phone, which we have devoted this article to; VoIP is the conversion of analog audio signals into digital signals and the operation of these translated digital signals over the internet. Because; The most important point for the VoIP system is to provide access to the internet. Thanks to VoIP, the use of broadband internet will be the solution in order to ensure uninterrupted and quality communication.

In addition, thanks to technological developments, the scope of the question of what is an ip phone and the answer to the question of what is an ip phone are expanding day by day. Thanks to technological developments, there are different solutions about VoIP or solutions are suggested day by day. Although all VoIP solutions need internet infrastructure, they can vary in terms of connection type and hardware used. All types of VoIP used today are used from computer to computer, thanks to IP phone and Analog Telephone adapter. Transferring from computer to computer is one of the easiest methods. In addition, it can be achieved by making use of the existing programs of the computer.

Besides the question of what is IP phone, VoIP solutions are also very important. One of these solutions is the use of IP telephony. IP phones may show similarities with classical corded phones in terms of appearance. The difference is that IP phones, unlike conventional phones, provide voice transmission over the internet line. The most preferred phones among VoIP systems are IP phones. Analog phones can be connected to a conventional phone, computer or directly to the internet line with VoIp technology. The analog telephone adapter also acts as an analog audio adapter. It can take the analog signals from the phone and convert it into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. In addition to the question of what is an IP phone, the question of what is an IP phone and how to use it is also very important.

Integrated Messaging Systems

Using unified messaging solutions, it enables you to establish a more secure and efficient communication network inside and outside your company. You can view real-time availability information and communicate with your colleagues via e-mail, instant messaging and voicemail. On-site, software-as-a-service and a combination of these. You can increase flexibility with the model.

Increase efficiency and reduce delays with availability; See at a glance the availability of colleagues, partners or customers

Shared use of all channels: IM, voice, voice over IP (VoIP), video and integrated web conferencing

Deliver next-generation email features by reducing the cost and burden of managing mail server

You can take advantage of customizable communication options that help you manage calls and voicemails according to your needs.

Call Center Systems

Call centers or call centers are preferred central offices for receiving or forwarding many questions using the telephone. The call center meets the information requests from the consumers and produces solutions accordingly. Information requests coming to call centers are managed by a company.

In recent years, with the development of technology, call center systems have been quite advanced. The call center management system, which is also in demand in our country, renews itself day by day and provides great opportunities to users.

We can call call center systems as communication centers consisting of human resources, software, hardware and workflows, through which institutions or organizations communicate with their customers, primarily by telephone, using systems such as e-mail, fax and web.

Call center switchboard systems are at the forefront of investments made by enterprises. The biggest reason for this is that this system provides communication between the business and the customers. Having a healthy call center support between businesses and their customers is one of the most important factors for both parties. In this way, relations are strengthened and customers are ensured to be happy.

Apart from this, the satisfied customer continues to work with the company for a long time and stability can be achieved. In short, call centers are systematic support systems that enable companies to quickly serve their customers online.

Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing systems are a Communication solution that allows many users in different locations to have simultaneous video or audio conversations.

In their simplest form, video conferencing solutions are solutions for providing high quality audio and video transmission to multiple locations.

In the beginning, video conferencing software only allowed people to make video calls, with the development of technology, video conferencing software became more useful and useful by gaining features.

Today, as working from home becomes widespread and distance education continues, video conferencing software is needed more in our lives and accordingly, it directs the way we study and work.

Fax Server Systems

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Remote and Local Area Network Solutions;

Various solutions are available to ensure the communication of units located in different locations in corporate network infrastructures. Depending on the bandwidth and service quality required by the communication, symmetric/asymmetrical, assigned/shared connections can be provided. These connections include ADSL, 3G, G.SHDSL, Frame Relay, Metro Ethernet, ATM, leased circuit. The services offered regarding the said connections are the procurement of transmission devices and network devices, their installation, operation and maintenance. In this context, the products and services offered are as follows.

Data Center Solutions;

Data centers, which do not have a centralized structure but have information systems operating in a distributed structure, are established by Promet, which allows on-line access to customers through a central web-based information system. In this context, the products and services offered are as follows.

Business Continuity Solutions;

Business continuity is the methodology that ensures the continuity of an organization's critical business functions in case of any interruption or disaster, regardless of its type and cause. In order to prevent data loss in disaster situations, the necessity of disaster centers and the concept of business continuity are gaining more and more importance for institutions. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks highlight the need for customers to transfer their systems and information to a different backup point in real time. In this context, the products and services offered are as follows.

Database Replications

In structures where we can talk about server-client architecture, it is a method that provides the opportunity to synchronize objects in the database routinely or continuously between server(s) and subscriber(s). In other words, in a more clear language; You choose a publisher database, you specify the objects (Articles) to publish in the publisher database, these objects are tables, stored procedures, etc. it could be; you then assign subscribers to the publisher database to receive the same information in the publisher database and any subsequent changes. Therefore, the same as your source database is kept on other computers, constantly being refreshed.

Disk Based Replications

Data Replication is the Turkish name given to the process of holding the data accumulated in the environment in more than one location during the process. For all users, it is the event of taking the data accumulated in the database from the sources and moving it to different sources without any inconsistency or deviation on behalf of the transactions. In this system, which is created as a distributed database, data moves according to the wishes of the person and two different users can fulfill their duties without interfering with each other's work. In short, data replication is the ability of data to move freely without confusion in the internet environment.

During these processes, all accumulated data can be replicated. Data Replication detects by recognizing the duplication of transactions. Thus, the duplicated data gets updated properly and the synchronization process is completed flawlessly.

Virtualization Based Replications

The most basic requirement is to be in the same data center, have a shared data storage pool, and use the same HyperVisor.

Host to Host Cluster operation can be performed between two HyperVs, Host to Host Cluster operation can be performed between two ESX Servers, or Host to Host cluster operation can be performed between two XenServers. The make, model and hardware of physical servers are not expected to be the same. This requirement used to be mandatory but is now a recommended architecture.

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