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Decision Support Systems

Systems that include different models and applications, designed to facilitate decision-making, to make more effective and correct decisions, are defined as decision support systems.

Decision Support System (DDS) helps managers access, summarize and analyze data to help managers make decisions. Decision Support Systems provide an analysis for the decision maker and make a decision recommendation based on this analysis.

Decision support systems, also referred to as business intelligence applications, can provide flexible reporting opportunities that accelerate the decision-making process of the senior management. Management levels should be properly informed about these valuable features.

As Promet, with KDS solutions, we provide the right information to the management levels at the right time and in the right format, helping them to make effective decisions.

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity is a methodology that increases the continuity of an organization’s critical business functions in the event of an interruption or disaster, regardless of its type and cause.

In order to prevent data loss in case of disaster, the necessity of disaster centers and the concept of business continuity are gaining more and more importance for institutions. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks highlight the need to transfer your company’s systems and information to a different backup point in real time.

The services we offer in the field of Business Continuity Solutions;

In corporate network infrastructures, we have various solutions to ensure the communication of units located in different locations. Symmetrical/asymmetrical, assigned/shared connections can be provided according to the bandwidth and service quality required by the communication.

These connections include ADSL, 3G, G.SHDSL, Frame Relay, Metro Ethernet, ATM, Lease transfer.

Transmission devices and network printers required for the provision of these connections, their installation, operation and maintenance are among the solutions we offer.



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