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TeleTIP is a process based cloud platform which archives and manages medical orders, inspections, images, reports and documents generated by country-wide healthcare facilities in Turkey established by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


The physician accesses the medical documents and images at local hospital via internal network. TeleTIP provides single screen access to the electronic patient records in other hospitals where the images at multiple sites are queried and delivered from the patient's distributed on-site image archive. Doctors can inspect patient data at multiple hospitals on a single screen at the same time. With the XDS compatible infrastructure, ECG data, laboratory and medical reports can be archived in the patient record and accessed on demand.

Quality and Efficiency

TeleTIP ensures that the image quality is continuously evaluated according to international norms. Radiologists and experts can make quality assessments using Image and Report Quality Management functionalities provided by TeleTIP. The reporting workflow efficiency is improved by optimising the workload distribution, increasing the reporting quality by subspecialty assignments and decreasing the reporting turnaround time with the help of integrated algorithms.

International Potential

Medical data belonging to foreign patients can be uploaded to or integrated with TeleTIP, where the medical data can be inspected and reported by our teleradiologists. In addition, foreign patients treated in our country can be tracked by their referring doctors in their countries by accessing the health records using TeleTIP.


  • Medical Data Access

    Medical data archived in HIS and PACS in hospitals country-wide, are collected and stored in the cloud platform Teletıp as electronic patient records. Doctors can access their patients' archived data at multiple hospitals using any mobile device or web browser.

  • Radiology Reporting

    Medical images archived at any hospital can be reported by radiologists anywhere in the country. Radiologists check out the examinations for hospitals they are authorized to report as scheduled tasks. Reports are inserted in written form or using voice templates. Approved reports are transferred directly to the relevant hospital information system and are provided for clinicians access.

  • Medical Report and Image Quality Control

    Radiologist answer a questionnaire of 6 questions for the inspection images they have reported. Clinicians can insert quality assessments for the reports of inspections which they have ordered. Certain ratio of country-wide inspections and reports are additionally processes for quality control by experts. Quality measures are evaluated based on hospital scale.

  • Teleconsultation

    Radiologists are able to review any inspection using teleconference interview with online remote radiologists. Consultation request is sent to an online expert based on the subspecialty of the radiologist. Peer screens move simultaneously during teleconference. Doctors can communicate via voice and video call. Consultation sessions are also recorded in the patient record.

  • System Monitoring and Statistics

    System Monitoring and Statistics screens provide tracking various medical data based on hospital, city and region for the following data types: total or average number of inspections per person for each modality, report turnaround durations, average number of slice imaging for CT, Angiology and MR applications, CT effective dose ratios, quality measures.


TeleTIP reduces repetitive examinations, redundant exposure applications and radiological examination costs. Remote reporting and consultation functionalities decrease the cost of reporting services and costs incurred from incomplete diagnoses. The need for radiographic film printing and radiology CD/DVDs is terminated. Patients can share their medical data with their physicians for reviews. It is possible for the physicians working at multiple sites or even other countries to access and insert second opinion or consultation reports.

Patients no longer need to have their inspection files with them because teletip archives electronic health records and offers doctors access to all the retrospective examinations. Family Physicians can access their patients' examinations via web or mobile and can review all reports of their patients.

TeleTIP optimizes the reporting workflow by applying relation based semantic matching algorithms for assigning inspections to radiologists at multiple sites based on subspecialty and response time assessments which improves report quality and reporting turnaround time.

Reporting in an emergency is now very fast and practical. Doctors can instantly view the patient examination without having to go to the hospital and record voice reports without wasting time.

If a patient has a recent inspection, repeating the examination is not needed even if the patient is visiting a different hospital because doctors can access all the country-wide examinations. This prevents the patient from receiving redundant radiation exposures.

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